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It is vital that you make a Will, or update it, to ensure that your property, money and personal possessions will pass on your death to the people or organisations you have chosen and that the most appropriate persons (known as ‘executors’) are appointed to handle the administration of your estate.

Powers of Attorney

It is important that you create one or more Powers of Attorney in good time to ensure that those you trust will be able to act as your lawful agent in taking important actions for you should you find it difficult to do so (for example, due to physical infirmity or a long visit abroad) or you lack the mental capacity to make important decisions yourself (for example, you are ill, unconscious or due to the onset of a condition such as dementia).

Living Wills

We can assist you with the preparation of an Advance Decision (often referred to as a ‘Living Will’) to ensure that your wishes regarding the consent to, or the refusal of, medical treatment are followed where you have become unconscious or otherwise incapable of communicating your wishes.

Mental Incapacity & Court of Protection

JML Law can assist with various important matters where a person has lost the ability to take particular decisions by reason of an impairment of, or disturbance in the functioning of, a person’s mind.

Inheritance Tax Advice & Estate Planning

We can advise on the Inheritance Tax liability for your estate (if any) and of any mitigation options which may be available to you.

Changes of name

We are happy to prepare a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration for an adult who is assuming or who has assumed a new name, to provide evidence of the change of name.

Certified Copies of Documents

Increasingly authorities and organisations are requiring proof of identity.

Trusts & Settlements

We can advise and assist you with all aspects of the creation, administration and ending of a trust including the preparation of any relevant legal documents and a review of the tax implications.

Probate & Estate Administrations

We recognise this is a difficult time for people following the death of a loved one and we always act in a sensitive and respectful manner.

Estate Variations

When you are a beneficiary, you may decide following the person’s death that you want to redirect your entitlement. We can advise accordingly and assist in the preparation of a Deed of Variation if desired.

Estate & Trust Disputes

We can advise and assist you regarding any estate and trust disputes. We will endeavour to resolve the matter without the necessity for costly court proceedings, however the advice and assistance of a Barrister may be required in complex cases and/or where the dispute cannot be settled and court proceedings are issued or impending.

Care Funding & Elderly Client Issues

We can advise on eligibility for Local Authority Funding for residential and domiciliary care and reviewing and/or challenging Local Authority funding decisions.

Land Registration Applications

We can make Land Registry applications to implement the property related work which we undertake, such as the gifts or legacies of land or the severance of a joint tenancy.

Administration of Oaths & Statutory Declarations

We are happy to act as an independent solicitor in administering the signing of legal documents prepared by another solicitor, where the document needs to be notarised by a Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths practising in England & Wales.

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