It is vital that you make a Will, or update it, to ensure that your property, money and personal possessions will pass on your death to the people or organisations you have chosen and that the most appropriate persons (known as ‘executors’) are appointed to handle the administration of your estate.

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A Will ensures that the law of Intestacy does not determine which of your closest relatives should benefit and act in the administration of your estate. This is especially relevant where you have no relatives, as in this case, your estate would pass to the Crown in the absence of a Will.

A Will also enables you to appoint guardians for any children you have who are under 18.

Will provisions will typically cover your wishes in relation to:-

• Appointment of executors and trustees
• Appointment of guardians
• Specific gifts of property or items
• Cash gifts
• Charitable gifts (if any)
• Gifts in relation to the remainder of your estate
• Your funeral and whether you wish to be cremated or buried

And can cover more complex provisions relating to:-

• Gifts of business interests or shares
• Gifts which save on inheritance tax
• Gifts for the care of animals
• Will Trusts
• Foreign assets (if advice is coordinated with a foreign lawyer)

We will provide you with a bespoke service in preparing your Will to ensure that it meets your requirements and advise you of any other issues which you ought to consider, such as inheritance tax and/or potential claims by family members whom you do not want to benefit from your estate.

If you wish, our sole principal Julian Mark Lee can be appointed as an executor to act in the administration of your estate. However, this may increase our charges when we act in the administration of your estate due to the extra responsibility involved.

We are a member of Certainty whose National Will Register ensures that when your Will is needed you have peace of mind that your loved ones can quickly and easily locate your Will at this most distressing time. When you make your Will, we will therefore recommend that you ask us to register it with Certainty for you.

In respect of any jointly owned property which would normally automatically pass to the surviving owner on death by right of survivorship, we can, if desired, ensure that it will pass instead under the terms of your Will by preparing a separate Notice or Agreed form of Severance for you to sign (and also serve it on the other joint owner where necessary). The entry of a Restriction on the Proprietorship Register of the property is also advisable in such cases to evidence the Severance and we can also assist you with this.


Standard fees are typically between £250 and £350 plus Vat for an individual Will, or between £350 and £400 plus Vat for a couple’s Wills, including all incidental advice.

Fixed fees may be less than stated if the matter is very straightforward, but will be more than stated if the matter proves to be involved or complex. We will advise you of any such fee variation at the earliest available opportunity and before any additional fees are incurred.

Any additional work in this area will be charged at an hourly charging rate of £115 plus Vat for individuals or £130 plus Vat for couples, with a quote or fee estimate being confirmed once it becomes possible to estimate the volume of work involved.

All fees quoted above exclude any disbursements (i.e. payments to others required to progress the matter), which you will be advised of separately at the earliest available opportunity.


Very friendly, helpful and accommodating personal service from Julian. We felt informed and assisted at each step of making our wills. Refreshingly good

Client from Hindhead

Julian provided a very professional and comfortable service; we needed that as making a will is not easy; He provided advice and information appropriate to our needs: and made clear the legal implications of our wishes – families are complicated and his advice helped to make sure we looked after our needs and our wishes when we are deceased

Client from Borden

I have used Julian for advice and also to act on my behalf for family litigation services. Very clear and easy to work with. Polite and professional.

Client From Pulborough

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